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About Us

Every performance is crucial, and every day is a new performance.
So, every day we explore new ideas, develop innovations, and produce unique solutions.
Our rigorous production quality standards ensure flawless performance under pressure.

This single-minded approach to achieving excellence is the reason why people prefer
Clutch Reliable Performance Solutions® for quality they can trust, when they need it the most.

Research & Development

Our team is comprised of professionals
with decades of experience in the live performance and production industries. Collectively, their insight brings a unique perspective to our innovations.

Superior Quality Control

From the initial selection of materials, through the final manufacturing and packing procedures, each item is meticulously inspected against our rigorous standards, to ensure flawless operation and performance.

Create it.  Perfect it.  Repeat.

Consistency is the key to our success.
Our relentless pursuit of innovation with our commitment to perfection, is the reason why people prefer Clutch Reliable Performance Solutions® over other brands.

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