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(5) Clutch CL-MGCP5 Mic Grille Colors with Microphone Sanitizer Spray Package


Goby Labs Microphone Sanitizer is formulated to clean and disinfect microphones. This easy-to-use spray kills 99.99% of germs that cause odors on microphones and gear - even hands and skin! It is ideal for live sound and karaoke.

Benefits include:

  • Anti-bacterial.

  • Eliminates odor.

  • Safe for hands, skin, and gear.

  • Volume: 4 fl oz.

For 20 Years, Hosa has provided a cost effective solution to the cabling needs of musicians, engineers, and audio and video enthusiasts the world over. In an effort to further meet those needs, Hosa continues to add new products that make the creative individual's life easier. Indeed, much of what Hosa offers is the direct result of suggestions made by customers and retailers.


This Package Includes:
(5) Clutch CL-MGCP5 Mic Grille Colors (Various)


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