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Shuttle-PA Gemini All-In-one PA System with Super Tote


What's the point of a speaker system if it doesn't deliver pristine quality sound? The SHUTTLE-PA is a complete PA system packed with everything you need for performance and event use, engineered for high quality sound. The powered mixer includes a 600W peak Class D built-in amplifier that drive the two 10" passive speakers. The 6 Channel mixer features four MIC/LINE input channels with adjustable EQ and FX and clip meter LEDs, plus a dedicated Stereo AUX input channel with various input options as well as Monitor and Headphone outputs. 48V Phantom Power allows for the use of condenser microphones. Built-in media player plays your music from USB and SD card as well as Bluetooth streaming. Microphone and all needed cables are included making the SHUTTLE-PA an all-in-one system, and everything packs neatly together for easy transport. High quality carrying bag included. This is the ultimate portable PA solution.

The SHUTTLE-PA includes a powered mixer, two passive speakers, a microphone and all the cables needed to get your system going right out of the box. The mixer as well as storage for all your cabling pack together with the speakers for easy transport On-board media player will play your MP3, WAV and FLAC files from USB or SD card. Use Bluetooth streaming to play wirelessly from your phone, tablet, etc. Thanks to the built-in media player with dedicated volume control, all 6 analog channels on the mixer a free to use for analog inputs. The SHUTTLE-PA Portable PA system features a 6-channel powered mixer with on board digital echo effect. Individual bass and treble knobs and volume controls for the 4 line/mic inputs to completely customize your sound. Peak indicator LEDs on the input channels as well as master output meter with limiter LED allows you to dial in the perfect sound. The SHUTTLE-PA is built for the road with top and side handles for easy carrying. The powered mixer as well as a storage compartment for cables attach to the speakers for easy transport. This system only weighs 44 lbs total and can be carried by one person alone. Housed in a sleek ABS impact-resistant nylon fiber cabinet that is built rugged for the road. Whether used for band performances, karaoke, or just simple music playback with announcements, the SHUTTLE-PA has everything you need for any event whether indoors or outdoors, both at home and in businesses/churches alike. Speaker stand mounts allow you to elevate the speakers for optimum sound dispersion.

Gemini DJ Shuttle PA All-In-One PA System Features:

  • Integrated MP3 player with connections for USB, SD, and Bluetooth.

  • 600W peak, 150W RMS Class D built-in amplifier.

  • 8 channel powered mixer with on board digital echo effect Individual bass, treble, echo effect and volume controls for 4 line/mic inputs.

  • 15V phantom power for capacitance microphones.

  • 2-way high power passive PA speaker.

  • 2 x 10" LF woofers with 2" voice coil.

  • 2 x Pure Titanium 1" HF compression drivers.

  • Wide dispersion horns with forward firing bass reflex ports.

  • Top and side handles for easy carrying.

  • ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet.

  • Stand mountable (Stand sold separately.)

  • High-quality bag included.


Gemini DJ Shuttle PA Specifications:
Powered Mixer / Passive Speakers
LF Driver – 2 x 10"
HF Drivers – 2 x 1"
LF Driver Power – 75W RMS
Total Power – 600W Peak
Inputs –   4 x XLR Mic inputs w/ Phantom Power
                    6 x 1/4" Line inputs
                    1 x RCA Stereo input
                    1 x 1/8" AUX Stereo input
Outputs – 2 x 1/4" Powered Speaker Outputs
                     2 x 1/4" Monitor Outputs
                     1 x RCA Stereo Monitor Output
Media Player – FM+BT+USB+SD
Bluetooth – YES
Frequency response – 35 Hz - 20kHz
Max Peak SPL @ 1 Meter – 96dB
Signal Processing – Channel EQs & Echo Effect
Enclosure Material – ABS impact-resistant nylon fiber
Mounting Options – Speaker Stand Mounts
Active/Passive – Powered Mixer / Passive Speakers
Each Shuttle PA Retail Box Includes:

(2) Gemini DJ Shuttle PA All-In-One PA System 10" Passive PA Speakers
(1) Gemini DJ Shuttle PA All-In-One PA System Powered Mixer
(2) Speaker Cables
(1) IEC Power Cable
(1) Wired Dynamic Microphone
(1) Storage Container
(1) User Manual & Warranty Information

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