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Clutch CL-ISO2 Reliable Performance Solutions Studio Monitor Isolator Pads (pair)


Clutch Reliable Studio Monitor Isolator Pads are the professional solution for disassociating a monitor speaker's audio from its surrounding environment. Instantly improve and tighten the muddy bass response that typically occurs when the monitor has physical contact and playback resonates with the surface it sits upon. Clutch reliable isolators pads decouple the monitor speaker from its environment, allowing the audio to be heard closer to its truest form as it was recorded or created without colorization. The set includes two isolator pad sections per monitor to allow multi-position setups and to accommodate a variety of monitor sizes and spacing.

Clutch CL-ISO2 Studio Monitor Isolator Pads Features:

  • Improve the quality and accuracy of your studio monitor playback by decoupling vibrations.

  • Tighten sound output and enhance audio clarity.

  • Audio absorbing dense foam facilitates flat-response playback for uncolored audio.

  • Works great with Clutch CL-MS2 Monitor Stands.

  • Each side's pair set accommodates upright and horizontal monitor placement.

  • 5 angle point configurations (-8 degree, -4 degree, 0, +4 degree, +8 degree.)

  • Dark Grey/Black color tone.

  • Includes 2 pads per side x 2 sides (left/right.)

  • Each individual pad size = 4" W x 12" L x 2" H (each side pair min width = 8" W x 12" L.)


Shipping Dimensions: 8" x 12" x 4"
Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb.
Product Name: CL-ISO2
UPC: 00707943549466

Each CL-ISO2 Box Includes:

(4) Clutch CL-ISO2 Reliable Performance Solutions Studio Monitor Isolator Pads
Each pad side is comprised of two pad sections

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